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I believe teaching students is about more than communicating course material. I work to ensure my students learn to evaluate the strength of logical arguments and the validity of data, write clearly and persuasively, and feel comfortable with the basics of data analysis and computer programming. I do so by utilizing active learning techniques, creating lesson plans tailored to specific sets of students, and integrating university resources, like writing centers, into my teaching. 


Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning Teaching Development Program 2022


Undergraduate Courses

Columbia University

  • Racial and Ethnic Politics, spring 2023 (TA for Yamil Velez)

  • Experimental Research Methods, fall 2022 (TA for Yamil Velez)

  • Public Opinion and Political Behavior, spring 2022 (TA for Oliver McClellan)

    • Guest Lecturer: “Political Parties and Interest Groups”

  • U.S. Congress, fall 2021 (TA for Gregory Wawro)

  • State Politics, spring 2021 (TA for Justin Phillips)

  • Introduction to American Politics, fall 2020 (TA for Michael Miller)


Tufts University

  • Public Opinion and US Democracy, spring 2019 (TA for Brian Schaffner)

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics, spring 2019 (TA for Oxana Shevel)

Teaching Materials

Introduction to American Politics Section Policy Sheet

Syllabus developed for Columbia University Master's Program in Political Analytics: "Survey and Polling Methodology"

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